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Lashes Glue

Precise Application

We’ve designed the applicator brush of our lash glue with an ultra-fine precision tip. Now, you can apply the perfect amount of adhesive to your lash bands. This design feature provides control even on the thinnest of bands. This feature makes the glue ideal for both new users and seasoned professionals in false eyelash applications.

Wide Compatibility

Our adhesive immediately and securely bonds with all types of false eyelashes. From individual clusters to full-strip lashes, it serves diverse purposes. Test reports confirm that our lash glue adheres instantly to the lash line, providing a secure fit.

Fast-Setting Formula

Recognizing that time is precious, we formulated our lash glue for rapid use. This means no waiting around to secure your lashes. Once applied, the lashes remain in position for as long as you want them to.

Safe for Sensitive Skin

We have formulated our lash glue to be free from parabens, latex, formaldehyde, and other irritants. Dermatological tests confirm its suitability for sensitive skin and eyes. Users with sensitive skin have reported no irritation from our lash glue.

Long-Lasting Grip

Whether you experience a downpour or engage in athletic activity, our lash glue keeps your lashes securely in place. We’ve tested the adhesive under extreme humidity, confirming its resistance to environmental factors.


While most eyelash glues primarily hold, ours does more. We have enriched the formula with vitamins A, C, and E, nourishing your natural lashes as they stay secure.

Effortless Removal

We have formulated our lash glue for easy dissolution with standard eye makeup remover, allowing for effortless lash removal without any pulling or tugging.

Resilient to Temperature Fluctuations

By rigorously testing our lash glue, we have ensured it maintains its grip in hot and cold environments. Thus, the glue remains effective regardless of the setting.


We have designed this lash glue to be free from any offensive odors, ensuring a more pleasant application experience.

Suitable for Contact Lens Wearers

In order to address the market need, our Ophthalmologists have tested this lash glue and deemed it suitable for those who wear contact lenses.

Adhesive and Eyeliner

This product serves as both lash glue and eyeliner, reducing the number of items you need for your eye makeup application.


With its easy application, quick-dry formula, and skin-friendly ingredients, our lash glue sets a new standard in eyelash adhesives. Choose our product for a worry-free, enduring, and comfortable lash-wearing experience.

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